Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quilting Dilemmas

All the pieces of my 21st quilt have been sewn together, and I'm quite happy with it. It's by no means perfect - there's plenty of places that the seams don't match up properly, but over all, it works out. Now I have some dilemmas... Does it need a border? If so, what fabric should I use? I don't have enough of any of the ones already in there, and as I bought them 5 years ago, I can't get more. What colour binding? What should I use for the backing? What quilting design should I use? Should I hand quilt or learn to machine quilt? Decisions, decisions....


Sal said...

1. Border, Backing and Binding

The colour of the quilt is very much blue, so how about a dark navy in a similar pattern for all 3? That way the colours of the main part of the quilt still stand out really well.

Also, having even a small border will stop the binding going over some of the words of the outer rows of the quilt top.

2. Quilting

I'm not sure how it'd go quilting over the top of people's words/drawings. Maybe just quilt around each of the coloured squares but then that could mean some puckering. You could just go diagnally in both directions through the centre of each piece, making bigger invisible diamonds around the smaller coloured diamonds...

And I'd be going machine quilting, its quicker but thats just me.

Erin said...

I meant to say before that this was a cool idea for a 21st keepsake.
I'd add a blue border, you could probably find one thats differnt to them all but is similar to them, or you could get a whole lot of differnt blues and make a square patch border.

Not much help with the rest of it, but can't wait to see the finished product.