Monday, May 18, 2009

101 Uses for Pumpkin

Andrew's pumpkins finally ripened. We got 1x8kg, 1x2kg, and one slightly possum nibbled. So now we have to use them up...
1. Roast as part of dinner - check
2. Make soup - check
3. Pumpkin pie
4. Pumpkin scones.
Now if someone could just help me out with the other 97 uses, we might just get there!

Andrew loves his pumpkins.


With an abundance of spinach in the veggie garden, I decided to attempt something new, that we'd experienced on our travels - spanakopita (Can anyone tell me how to pronounce that, by the way? Is it SPAN-ah-kop-ih-tah or span-ah-kop-EE-tah?)

A pile of fresh spinach

Fried onion and garlic

In the oven...

Out of the oven...

and onto the plate.


Loving Autumn

I am loving this Autumn. Clear, bright, crisp days, and gorgeous colours, both of leaves and flowers.

Andrew took this photo of me when I was out of the car to take the previous photo.

And this is Metal Mick, a wire sculpture of my younger brother, lovingly guarding Andrew's pumpkins.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


May 1 was Samhain (actually, April 30 was, but that was a Thursday) - Pagan New Year, and a time when the veil between the worlds is thin and we can communicate with and remember lost loved ones. I had some friends over for a dinner in front of the fireplace. Only a couple were able to come, and one of those was quite late, so we didn't bother with the planned ritual, and just had a lovely social night instead. Andrew roasted some chestnuts for a pre-dinner snack, I provided baked spuds with garlic butter, cheese and free range bacon. Dessert was provided by my friends - gingerbread skeletons, and pumpkin pie. Yum!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Chestnut Festival Success

The Chestnut Festival went really well. I ended up with 5 jackets to sell (I made 6 but an online friend bought the first one on Friday) finishing the last one at the stall! I sold 3 of them, which I'm quite pleased with. I think I would have sold more if I'd had more, especially in the bigger sizes. We sold a few of Andrew's wands, and a couple of staves, and even had a woman interested in stocking them in her shop! We also sold some of his mum's knitted gnomes, and a pile of his sister's amigurumi tortoises and hippos, plus a few kids bracelets. I was really surprised that the painted bags his mum made didn't sell at all. We were using one of the primary school's tents (thanks, Mum!) which unfortunately meant we were next to the fairy floss machine, and got coated in sugar! A few of our friends came by, his parents helped out for the day, and the weather was a perfect crisp autumn day.
Prepare for the photo bombardment sequence....
Size 2 short jacket in chocolate corduroy with striped lining (I still have this)

Size 2 Rusty orange polar fleece with floral lining - the last one finished

Size 3 Rusty orange polar fleece with gingham lining (I still have this)

Size 4 Blue polar fleece with floral lining

Size 6 Brown floral velour with floral lining (this was sold to 2 women who plan to pass it down between their daughters!)