Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A suit to suit...

I started making this suit a few years ago, when my parents gave me a few sewing lessons as a birthday present.
When the lessons finished, the suit got put on hold - probably because I had gifts to finish, as I usually do. I finally picked it back up in September or October, and today I finished the last of the hem, and it is done.
I know it's a bit fanciful, and I do feel a little swamped in fabric - I probably won't often wear the pieces together.
It's a 100% acrylic linen look, which I'm not too thrilled about, as I prefer natural fibres. But I love the details - the flaps on the back
and the buttons on the cuffs.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Engagement Party Invitations

Our engagement party invitations went out this week. Andrew's talented 4th sister designed them, while his 2nd sister's partner, who owns a printing company, printed them. They look so professional. I love them!
The invitation designs are copyright Courtney Lindsay 2008

Presents for a new nephew

Our newest nephew was born on New Year's Eve. A beautiful little boy who has been named Kobe Adam (after his Dad). It has taken me a while, but I have finally completed his handmade presents.
His teddy bear is named Fintan Ajax, and has corduroy paw pads, like his big brother Kalan's, though in a different colour. I think I am giving up on signature bears after this one though. No one ever gets them signed, and I don't really like them - they always end up with weird pointy bits on their heads, and visible closing seams - fur hides those - at the very least, I need a new pattern. I had a particularly hard time with this one - I went to tie on his anklet, and his head fell off! I hadn't gathered his neck tight enough... This meant I had to frog (rip it! rip it!) open his back and neck, remove and replace the joint before putting him back together.

And a smocked singlet. I really love these. They're so quick and easy - I did most of this one on Christmas Eve while waiting in line for Carols - and in the right colours, don't look the least bit girly, which most smocking patterns do...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This is the skirt that Sarah sewed.

This is the skirt that I helped my cousin to sew. I gave her the instructions and did a little of the sewing right at the end so she could finish it before going home, but she did the rest herself. The fabric is quilting fabric from Spotlight, on sale for $5 p/m. The skirt is supposed to be mid-knee length or just below, but, being 16, she wanted it shorter. We shortened it as we would for a shorter person - folding it and redrawing the sides - and I think we should have just cut it off so that is was a little narrower at the hem, but other than that, I think it's cute, and think she should be very proud of herself for making it in only a few days.