Monday, January 19, 2009

Presents for a new nephew

Our newest nephew was born on New Year's Eve. A beautiful little boy who has been named Kobe Adam (after his Dad). It has taken me a while, but I have finally completed his handmade presents.
His teddy bear is named Fintan Ajax, and has corduroy paw pads, like his big brother Kalan's, though in a different colour. I think I am giving up on signature bears after this one though. No one ever gets them signed, and I don't really like them - they always end up with weird pointy bits on their heads, and visible closing seams - fur hides those - at the very least, I need a new pattern. I had a particularly hard time with this one - I went to tie on his anklet, and his head fell off! I hadn't gathered his neck tight enough... This meant I had to frog (rip it! rip it!) open his back and neck, remove and replace the joint before putting him back together.

And a smocked singlet. I really love these. They're so quick and easy - I did most of this one on Christmas Eve while waiting in line for Carols - and in the right colours, don't look the least bit girly, which most smocking patterns do...

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