Monday, September 1, 2008

21st quilt underway!

As it quite clearly states in my profile, I am 25. I turn 26 next month. But for my 21st birthday, I had all my friends and family sign quilt squares for me, and I am finally getting it put together. I have laid it out and am currently 'living with it' to be sure the layout is right. It has proven to be a little emotionally difficult, as there a squares in there from people who are now deceased, and a friend who is no longer in my life. There is also a debate as to whether or not to remove a square with a not-so-nice message, and rewrite history... but it's nice to finally be getting it done.
Cooking-wise I have been repeating cookie recipes - the jam ones and ginger ones. I did make gingerbread cars for a friend's birthday, but I'm waiting on a photo of those from another friend. And I made a lamb roast for dinner - yum!


Sal said...

So whats the decision about whether to include the nasty ones or the people that are no longer in your life?

Cause I'm going to have the same decision to make. Though I guess I should read those messages first before making the decision. But then theres whether to include the ones from Nick or not.

Katie said...

The nasty one. The people who are no longer in my life are fine (though it hurts a bit to see Nick's one)
The nasty one was written by a friends guy, (in phonics!) and signed by both of them. It says "Happy birthday, snot face" but there isn't one signed by said friend. In addition, she was dumped by this guy early this year. Mum thinks I should just get her to sign a new one (I have spares)

I do also have a debate about whether or not to include my ex on a photoboard (collage) that isn't yet finished....