Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cobblers Apron

I made this for myself. I got the idea from Anna at Pleasant View Schoolhouse who has this exact pattern - I have gotten much inspiration from her gorgeous blog. I made it from a gorgeous cotton print I got from my grandmother's stash, and bound it in white. I'd say my grandmother had started making something out of this fabric herself (curtains perhaps) and there are lines of holes where I removed stitching - I'm hoping these will disappear with wear and washing. I didn't bother to do any measuring of fitting so I was quite impressed to find that the waist ended up exactly where it should, given my above average height. It went together quite easily and quickly, though I made the sash double thickness to enclose the seams rather than hemming it. If I make it again, I will lengthen it a little, and lengthen the sash. I may also round the back corners so that I can bind the bottom and back in one go. I've been wearing it all day today, and it makes me smile. I love the deep pockets, the fabric, and the way the shoulders sit out.

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