Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pick Me! Pick Me!

Excuse me, dear readers, while I use this to apply for a job!

Hi Yvonne,
                My name is Katie. Currently, I am a teacher, working as casual relief (ie emergency/substitute). I enjoy this, but casual teaching is not very stable, and full time teaching eats up your whole life.
You want me for this position because I am enthusiastic, cheerful and highly intelligent. I am good with people, but also good with computers, having grown up around them. I even studied Computer Systems/Software Systems Engineering for a while, before I decided I liked people too much to be an engineer. This means that I know some basic programming and HTML already. I use computers and the internet most days, both personally and professionally. Professionally, I search for teaching ideas, and create learning tasks. When I was teaching full time last year, I became a Lead User for the Ultranet and even ran a Professional Development day for around 20 people. Personally, I have this blog, and an Etsy store. I use email, Facebook and am an active member of several forums.
Prior to teaching, I worked in retail, predominantly selling jewellery at Zamel's Jewellers in Eastland. This means that you know that I can talk to people and help them to figure out what they want. Christmas time especially is pretty high pressure in jewellery, but I always dealt with it with a smile.
Please hire me. I strongly believe that I would be perfect for this job, and it would be perfect for me!


Leslie said...

What a great blog, Katie! I love your description of all of your experience. I really like your line about deciding you " liked people too much to be an engineer."

Rose said...

Pick Katie! I met Katie online (well, I have never met Katie - but I feel like I know her now). She would be perfect for your role - highly organised, creative and very tech savy! She is engaging and friendly which can be difficult via online media.

Anonymous said...

I'd pick Katie! She's intelligent, articulate and reliable, but also brings a quirky sense of humour with her. I only know her from the internet, but I hope to meet her someday. She would be an asset to any office.

Noamuth said...

I've known Katie for a few years now, and definitely believe she'd be a beneficial member of any team.

She's passionate, reliable, organized.. A fantastic person to be around, and a valuable person to know.

Erin said...

Good luck! Job hunting is the worst - hang in there :)

Yvonne Adele said...

Thank you so much for dedicating a blog post to your application Katie! I really appreciate it and love your enthusiasm. I met Lara through the job I posted and we're working really well together so I'm afraid I'll have to let someone else snap you up on this occasion! again, thank you - you made me smile.. you are a doll!