Thursday, September 24, 2009

Morning Tea

Almost immediately after finishing Oscar's coat, I moved onto my next paid job - catering a morning tea for 35 local principals. I got the job through Mum's boss, who has known me since I was 8, and has often hired me as a relief teacher too. She requested biscuits and muffins, so after much thought I decided upon my famous chocolate chip cookies, ginger biscuits, white choc/raspberry and double chocolate muffins (from the one recipe which I got from an online friend), and lemon cake from a recipe Jill gave me (from the CWA cookbook)
Having never made the muffins or cake before I did a trial run on the Sunday before the big event. Both worked well (though the lemon cake should not be made in a mini bundt pan!) and both Mum's staff and the staff of the school I worked at on Monday were well fed. I also make the choc chip cookie dough up and put it in the fridge.
Monday afternoon and evening saw me very busy baking, from soon after I got home until almost 10pm (though I did fit dinner in there!). After surveying the scene above, and doing some calculating, I decided that one more thing was needed... And so, I got up early on Tuesday morning to make a cinnamon honey cake. I'd debated doing a chocolate cake, but I don't have a recipe I'm sure of, while the cinnamon honey cake is an old favourite.
I took everything up to the school in plastic containers, except the last cake which was still warm, and set it out onto platters when I got there. I had the assistance of some very capable senior students to take it in, and I am told it was a great success!

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