Friday, September 18, 2009

A coat for Oscar

I hope that you will forgive my absence these last few weeks. You see, when not working, or sick, or both, I have been obsessed with finishing this gorgeous little coat for an even more gorgeous little boy named Oscar.
After seeing my recent girl's coats, Oscar's mummy commissioned me to make a coat for him. We went fabric shopping together, and after a little searching, I found this pattern.
It took me far too long to make between the work, and the illness and a few little challenges, including eliminating most of the handsewing (the pattern wanted me to handsew in the entire lining!), making pockets
and lining the back vent
but finally I finished this gorgeous little coat and delivered it to a very excited mother.
Not only has she paid me for it, but has had professional photos taken of Oscar wearing it, which she has offered to me for promotional purposes!
Fortunately, considering that Winter is now over, it is still a little big so it will fit Oscar next year and get the wear that it deserves.

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Camarli said...

Ohh, it is lovely . I might need to order one from Master N. I bet Oscar's mummy is very impressed, you both have EXCELLENT taste !