Tuesday, March 10, 2009

An update...finally

After our wonderful engagement party, I have achieved quite a lot in the domestic department (sadly due to not working enough, which has also relegated me to family housekeeper/wife, so I get to feed the animals, and cook dinner most nights)
I had a big cooking day one Friday, which resulted in
Curried sausages (using the leftover sausages from the engagement party)
And nectarine jam, - my first attempt at jam - which I'm told is good, though I won't eat it myself as I only eat raspberry or strawberry jam!

I smocked these singlets to take as a gift for a baby shower, for a little boy who is expected any day now. I love smocking singlets - so simple, yet so cute!
I made a teddy bear for a friend's 21st. It's been a long time sine I made a fur bear, but I'm quite thrilled with the results. Much more fun than signature bears! This little darling was named Nadira Phoebe.

I finally added the borders to my 21st quilt, which is now layered and basted, ready to be quilted. I've also started cutting blocks (not quite square) for my first kilt quilt.
I experimented with a new pasta sauce on Friday (Fridays seem to be a good day for cooking). I consisted of homemade pumpkin soup, combined with the bechemel sauce I make for macaroni cheese, topped with toasted pinenuts. By all accounts - success! I am contemplating serving it in future with a dollop of pesto too.
In my role as housewife, I have been making the families snacks each week too (they have to make their own lunches - I don't get up early enough!) Most weeks, it has been the usual chocolate chip cookies, because Andrew loves them. Last night, however, Mum requested jam cookies. Since the usual ones contain almond meal though, and with both Mum and I being teachers, and so many kids with life threatening nut allergies, I had to come up with something different....
I haven't had one yet, but Mum likes them!

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