Thursday, March 12, 2009

A special dress for a very special baby

I have been a member of a particular forum for a (frighteningly) long time, and, as such, have made a few friends there. There is one particular lady who I have been aware of, and occasionally in direct contact with over this time. A lovely lady, intelligent and interesting, she spent 5 years desperate to have a second child. Around this time last year, there was a discussion on the forum about Easter/Autumn/Spring Equinox and other festivals, and I related my beliefs. As I was in the Northern Hemisphere at the time, I mostly spoke about the Spring Equinox, which is in large part about new life and fertility. This lady got excited, especially when I mentioned the coinciding full moon, which represents a pregnant belly, and asked that I send the fertility vibes to her. I don't know how serious she was, but I felt a real urge to help her, so I spent several days visualising her pregnant, and finished with a (rare for me) formal ritual. Soon after the equinox, she discovered that she was, at last, pregnant, and in December, she gave birth to a beautiful little girl. Though I haven't met this lady, I felt compelled to make a little something for her 'piccolo miracolo' - little miracle. I finally finished it and sent it to her last week, and as the recipient now has it, I can post pictures here without spoiling the surprise (I don't know that she reads this, but just in case...)

All wrapped to be sent

Full length front shot

Full length back shot

Neckline detail

Sleeve detail
Isn't it just adorable? I know it's totally impractical, but I couldn't resist. I'm hoping she'll get to wear it at least a couple of times. It's not perfect - I broke a bunch of needle while pleating it, which caused some minor damage I had to repair, and I used the wrong needle for a bunch of the bullion knots, though they turned out okay in the end - but I'm pleased with the end result.
I've been promised pictures of the baby in it, but will only post them here if I get permission.


Camarli said...

Ohh, it is so beautiful ! I am sure that her mum will be so happy to receive it.

Katie said...

She got it last Friday, and very quickly sent me a thank you note. She's going through a hard time at the moment, so I'm thrilled that I could brighten her day.

Katie said...

Oh, and thank you!

Erin said...

That is so sweet, I love all the details.
And I liked the singlets you made as well, did you do anything to the singlets first, or just embroider straight onto them?

Katie said...

Thanks Erin. All I did to the singlets was draw some lines on them - substitute pleating rows. Instructions are in Issue 84 of Australian Smocking and Embroidery. It's not the current issue, but you should be able to get hold of it fairly easy, either from Spotlight, or (publishers). The singlets are a nice, simple, quick way to get started on smocking.