Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Best Friend's Wedding

I have spent the bulk of the last four days doing things related to Jill's wedding.
On Thursday, I went out with her to look for more plastic 'glasses' for the reception (spit roast dinner in the local hall) - then we managed a little Christmas shopping at Dymocks who were having a 20% off day for Booklovers club members. I had my hair trimmed in the afternoon, just to neaten it up for the wedding (it desperately needed to be done, so this was the perfect motivation) Later, I went out to buy her wedding wrapping paper, card, horseshoe, and guestbook (she'd forgotten. I spotted them and called her)
On Friday I worked for a couple of hours (helping with Prep transition - I love prep kids. They're exhausting but adorable) then picked up umbrellas from Andrew's parents in case of rain, attempted to pick up my pendant for the wedding - the jeweller had forgotten to make it, despite swearing it would be ready in time - had a quick lunch, then went to the ceremony venue - a historic homestead, in her home town, where her grandparents volunteer - for a rehearsal. Then I went home to collect my stuff and headed back to her hometown (10 minutes away) to be waxed so I was lovely and hairless for the wedding. I then sat through her manicure, so I could take her back to her house (another 10 minutes or so away) to collect things she'd forgotten. We then returned to her parents' house, where we were spending the night, for dinner, and packaging bonbonierre.
Neither of us slept very well so we were both ready to go back to sleep while having our hair done on Saturday - the wedding day! - but by the time we made it back to the house, we'd perked up. We both managed to eat lunch - I swear she was the world's most laid back bride! - and the photographer, the lovely Kirsten, showed up just in time to get photos of the make up application process. We had only minor difficulties with the dressing process - her garter straps would not attach to her stockings, and after both of us plus her mother had tried, we cut them off, and she wore pantyhose, Andrew, who had collected my newly made pendant, had gotten confused and hadn't dropped it off (he did in the end), and because her dress was put on before her shoes, I had to put them on for her, but that made for nice photos anyway. There was then time for photos with the various members of her family - parents, brother and his fiancee - including ones where she pinned on boutonieres and put corsages around wrists, and various poses around the house. There was a minor delay, because the friend of the family who had done our make-up had been so involved in getting us ready that she was running behind which held up the car with Jill's mother and siblings, which then meant that we couldn't leave. I got a phonecall at this point from Andrew, because Jimmy (the groom) was getting a little stressed. Finally, Jill, her father and I headed to the ceremony in the most gorgeous old car (I'm not a car girl, but it was 1963, with fins and a great rumble) Then we were there. Her father and I sorted out Jill's train, flipped the veil over her face and I headed down the path/aisle, under the archway and up to the gazebo where my best friend was married. I gave a reading, witnessed the marriage, held her bouquet, and stood smiling with happiness for my friend. After the ceremony was greeting family and friends, followed by photos - all with my trying not to let my far too pointy heels sink into the soft ground. Kirsten did not in any way allow her big pregnant belly to get in to way of getting the perfect shot - even when that meant climbing on chairs! We returned to Jill's parents' place for some photos she wanted in the front garden, which thankfully allowed our make-up lady to touch up Jill's jawline, where she'd unfortunately been bitten by something. Then everyone headed off and the bridal party climbed back into that gorgeous car for the short drive to the reception - we could have climbed through the back fence! Upon our arrival, Andrew stepped into his role as MC (having been playing back up photographer and and general gopher all day) to announce us. I stepped close to the Best Man to walk in, and not being sure what to do, he put his arm around my shoulder "Give me your arm, you idiot!" - he's the groom's best mate, we've known each other for years and get on quite well. The reception went so well. All the speeches were good (including mine) even though we were all nervous. Andrew was amazing as MC - you'd never have known how nervous he was or even that he'd never done it before (he did say a few grammatically incorrect things that had me wincing, but I doubt others noticed) Jill and Jim looked great dancing, I had fun dancing with the bestman (who is taller than me - even in heels... he appreciated that I was tall enough to look in the eye), Andrew, Mum, Jill's mum and my friends. Jill looked like the perfect image of a bride - I swear, if you go out and buy a bride doll, that's what she looked like. I had a brief moment during the night of "she's too young to be married" before remembering that she's 27! It was a great night, and I finally fell in to bed, exhausted, around midnight.
Today we woke up at 10:30 and had to hurry to get ourselves back to Jill's parents' for a post wedding BBQ. We had a lovely relaxed afternoon. Andrew has burnt the photos he took to DVD for both sets of parents and and Jill and Jim. We had a slideshow of them on the big TV, and Jill and Jim opened their cards and presents. They were given a huge amount of money towards their honeymoon, plus some gorgeous presents - including some antique cake forks, dish and tablecloth linens, that had belonged to Jim's grandparents (perfect for sentimental Jill). They loved our present, and have now headed off for a few days away - their actual honeymoon won't be until next year.

And now for some photos
Walking down the aisle

Bridal party

Dancing with Andrew - the height difference is (mostly) due to my heels

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