Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Annabelle's Princess Dress

This is a special request from a long time online friend for her 3 year old. Like most 3 year olds (or at least, most of my nieces!), Annabelle loves pink and princesses. Her mother is not so impressed. So this dress is something of a compromise. It's long and twirly, but it's not pink. Well, mostly not pink.
If you look closely at the sleeve on the right you can see the bias binding I used to hem the sleeves and skirt. It made those tasks a little easier for me, and using bright pink is a special treat for a little girl who'd rather the whole dress was pink.
If I'd thought about it, I would have lined the bodice in pink too, instead of this fine green gingham. I wanted pink buttons, instead of the green ones that blend in so well, but I couldn't find any I liked.

I'm hoping Annabelle will spend many happy hours twirling, dancing, and pretending to be a princess, or even a scientist ('cos who says scientists can't wear pretty dresses?) in this dress.


Rose said...

Thankyou Katie, it is beautiful! We are working on the want to grow up and be a rich accountant but she assures me she will be a princess and marry Prince William!

Katie Lindsay said...

Prince William is a little old for her. She might have better luck with Prince Christian of Denmark.... :D

PlanningQueen said...

It is gorgeous. I hope we have more scientists wearing swirly dresses!