Monday, April 16, 2012

Playing nice

Just after Christmas, we acquired a new bunny. She wasn't supposed to be ours - we were just minding her because her parents' owners needed to get rid of her, but her new owner wasn't ready to take her yet. Turns out, he didn't come to get her at all.
So we named her Nox, and eventually got her desexed. Then came introducing her to the boys. Prior to desexing, we'd put her cage inside their pen, and she'd made a couple of escape attempts which involved a lot of chasing (and her jumping over their heads) so we knew we had to go carefully.
We had one playdate inside - on the dining table! - which went so well, that Andrew thought we should try them in the pen. Chasing ensued almost immediately. Another long playdate went well, but we weren't going to make the same mistake. Then, on Saturday, Andrew decided to let them have a run together. They chased for a while, then calmed down. Things weren't so nice at bedtime, so they were separated, but they played nicely again yesterday, and even went to bed together.
And look at them now!

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