Monday, January 11, 2010

The girls are growing up!

Our chooks now all look like adult hens. We're now getting 5 or 6 eggs everyday, and occasionally we even get 7!
This is Opal

Obsidian (Andrew calls her Sid)

and Dora.

We've also had a couple of additions to our little flock. First there was a bantam for Dad. He took so long to name her that Andrew was calling her Henrietta von Cluckington III, but Dad eventually chose a name.
This is Chook.

Then we got a rooster. He, too, is a bantam and is scared of the bigger girls, so I don't think we'll be getting chickens any time soon.
This is the Colonel (as in Colonel Sanders. Guess who named him?)

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Gillian said...

I love your chickens! I'm popping over from my blog to answer your question about the closures on the dresses I made my sister. The original pattern has the back, the big circle skirt, wrap to the front, overlap along the bias trim, and snap; then decorative buttons are sewn along the bias trim to give the illusion of functioning buttons. I have never had good luck with snaps holding, and the dresses turned out just a smidge big, so I sewed my line of buttons about half an inch away from the trim, and made three button loops to fasten them. I just made a strip of fabric - maybe an inch wide and 10 inches long - folded and stitched it to encase the raw edges, and sort of "eyeballed" where to place it for the buttons. That's not very scientific or specific, but then my sewing rarely is! If you'd like more detailed instructions, I can try, or I could do you a sketch of what I did.

Have a great day!