Friday, April 17, 2009

Chestnut Festival Preparation

3 patterns, 5 sizes, all traced, cut out, labelled and bagged.
And 1 gorgeous little jacket. I'm not sure how I'm going to bear to sell this one!


Erin said...

Ooo - Adorable! I know what you mean, I have a little box of clothes which I sew to sell but are so beautiful I can't bear to part with them, so I keep them for 'maybe someday'.

Erin said...

Hi, Got your question about Ottobre. I love, love, love Ottobre - the patterns are a little bit different, but really well made. In that when two pieces are meant to join up exactly, they really do.

The instructions are brief, but everything you need to know is there. I haven't made any mistakes - even if I started out not exactly understanding step 4 I understood it when I got up to that part. Honestly I think you'll have no problem with the instructions.

The most of the designs have added frills and pockets so you can make a basic one to try it out and then make a 'prettier' one once you've got it down pat.

The only thing which is a bit tricky is that all the patterns are printed on the same piece of paper - so you'll need tracing paper and good light. And none of the patterns have seam allowances added to them so you need to do that when you trace them out. I got caught a few times with that at first.

One thing I like is that they give tips on how to make some things faster than most patterns do - they way they say to put elastic in is so much easier than sewing a casting and threading it through.

Go for it - take a look through the back issues and pick out a favourite (just make sure you buy the english version lol), they come really quickly and I garentee you'll love them too.