Friday, June 20, 2008

The beginning

After spending 10.5 months travelling the world, I am feeling very inspired to cook and sew - things I haven't really been able to do while on the go. I have been very inspired by a couple of other blogs, as well as the other ladies (and a few gents) at both the Sense and Sensibility forums, and the I-do forums. The aim of this blog is to document my (creative) domestic efforts, and hopefully to inspire others.
Since arriving home, I've been too busy sorting out my stuff - my things have been moved downstairs, plus Andrew's had to be brought up from his place - to do much cooking or sewing. I have cooked dinner a couple of times (my fair share), made cookies and chocolate crackles for afternoon tea, replaced buttons on a couple of shirts (I was really desperate to do some sewing) and finished a cape thingy (pattern Vogue 7974) that Mum has been working on for far too long.
This weekend, however, I have my annual Yule celebration. This marks the longest night of the year, and I always celebrate with a dinner party with my friends, to which everybody contributes a dish. Usually, I choose mine well in advance, but this year I was hoping to just be able to fill a gap in the menu. Unfortunately (well, sort of) there were none! So it looks like I will be making ice cream, one of my favourite things! All that remains is to decide what flavours.
I am also hosting (hostessing? that doesn't sound right!) an UnderCoverWear party - party plan clothes - which will require me to provide nibblies. Hmm....

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